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Commercial & Industrial

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The Best in Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Services

Enjoy competitive pricing on the cleaning services your business requires from Clearview Cleaning Inc! Our experienced technicians, who've served you since 2002, GUARANTEE all of our cleaning services and stand behind every job!

Whether you need office cleaning, like carpet shampooing for your business, or an industrial-grade cleaning for a factory or other facility, Clearview Cleaning Inc is the family-owned and operated cleaning team you can depend on!

Carpet and Floor Care Services

If dirty floors are getting you down, enlist the team at Clearview Cleaning Inc to strip and wax VCT flooring and shampoo carpets to give you flooring that looks great again! Count on us for quality commercial and industrial carpet cleaning!
Carpet Cleaning

High-Quality Air Duct Cleaning

Don't let dust and other particles build up in your air ducts! Clearview Cleaning Inc can remove debris from ductwork to improve your air quality! Plus, ask us about service for residential dryer vents in addition to air duct cleanings!
Air Duct Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Cleaning Up Once the Construction Job Ends

Don't jeopardize an entire project by not cleaning up your worksite! Choose Clearview Cleaning Inc for all of your post-construction clean-up jobs. We GUARANTEE our cleanup services will meet your expectations!
Post-Construction Cleanup
Available 7 days a week!

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Commercial & Industrial
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